19,916 ‘eye disorders’ including blindness following COVID vaccine reported in Europe
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Andrew W
2021-05-02 12:58:34 UTC

19,916 ‘eye disorders’ including blindness following COVID vaccine reported
in Europe. More than 10,000 reports of eye disorders after COVID shots in
the U.K. alone

Hundreds of cases of blindness are among the 19,916 reports of “eye
disorders” to the World Health Organization’s European drug monitoring
agency following injection of experimental COVID-19 vaccines

The nearly 20,000 eye disorders reported to VigiBase, a database for the WHO
maintained by the Uppsala Monitoring Centre(UMC) in Uppsalla, Sweden,

Eye pain (4616)
Blurred vision (3839)
Photophobia or light intolerance (1808)
Visual impairment (1625)
Eye swelling (1162)
Ocular hyperaemia or red eyes (788)
Eye irritation (768)
Itchy eyes or eye pruritus (731)
Watery eyes or increased lacrimation (653)
Double vision or diplopia (559)
Eye strain or asthenopia (459)
Dry eye (400)
Swelling around the eye or periorbital swelling (366)
Swelling of eyelid (360)
Flashes of light in the field of vision or photopsia (358)
Blindness (303)
Eyelid oedema (298)
Eye or ocular discomfort (273)
Conjunctival haemorrhage or breakage of a small eye vessel (236)
Blepharospasm or abnormal contraction of an eye muscle(223)
Vitreous floaters (192)
Periorbital oedema (171)
Eye haemorrhage (169)

2021-05-04 04:25:47 UTC
Mostly bullshit.

But, word to the wise, don't take the "vector"
vaccines. Stick to Pfizer or Moderna RNA