India Skyrocketing "COVID" deaths coincide with Start of Vax
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Andrew W
2021-05-02 12:53:09 UTC

By Hal Turner
Is It The Vaccine? India Skyrocketing "COVID" deaths coincide with Start of
As is plainly evident from the chart, when India began treating "COVID-19"
with the medicine Ivermectin, the rate of infection growth leveled-off and
began to fall, immediately. It kept falling until India began distribution
of the so-called "vaccine."

Once the "vaccine" started being given to the masses of people in India, the
death rate absolutely skyrocketed!

Logic dictates the question be asked: "Is it the vaccine?"

This is an important question for people in the United States and elsewhere
because here in the USA, we began the same mass-distribution of the same
"vaccine" six weeks after India. Like lambs to the slaughter, ignorant
Americans, who are good people and who were genuinely trying to "so the
right thing" lined up to "get the jab."

But few of them ever bothered to research what was in that "jab." It is NOT
a "vaccine" - it is genetic modification; gene therapy.

In a normal, typical, vaccine, actual virus or attenuated (weakened)
versions of an actual virus, are injected into a person so their immune
system can react to the invader, develop antibodies to it, and learn to
fight it off before a person catches the actual potent virus in real life.

This is the way people are vaccinated against things like Polio, to this
very day.

Not with "COVID-19."
For COVID-19, scientists claim they developed artificial Ribo-Nucleic-Acid
(RNA) to act as a "messenger (m)" to our normal human DNA. Hence the
so-called vaccine being identified as "mRNA."

In theory, this artificial genetic modification "teaches" our body to look
for, and fight off, the "spike protein" on the outside of COVID-19" thus
protecting us from it.

Turns out, there's a whole slew of problems with that. The primary problem
is that this mRNA gets into our bodies and starts making literal alterations
to our DNA! People who take this "vaccine" become Genetically-Modified human

I won't eat Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) foods, I definitely don't
want to become a genetically modified person!

The second problem is that this mRNA, has no "off" switch. It keeps altering
and altering and altering, non-stop. Does anyone, anywhere, have any idea at
all, what humans who suffer these alterations will actually become?

Zombies, maybe?

Or will they simply just . . . die?

The answer seems to be coming into focus with the mass deaths in India.

Are we now getting a glimpse of OUR OWN FUTURE here in the USA based on what
is being seen in India?

If so, can we expect to see the same thing happening here in the USA?
Massive numbers of deaths? People dropping dead on the streets? Dead bodies
so numerous they have to be cremated in funeral pyres in public parks as
seen in photo at source.

Or will the same scientists who have repeatedly lied to us about COVID,
simply continue lying to us about the vaccine deaths and blame it on some
new "variant?"

After all, if their vaccine is literally killing most of the people who
receive it, they certainly can't have anyone knowing it might be the vaccine
doing it. How hard would it be for them to simply say "It's a new variant of
COVID" and let the deaths keep right on going?

No normal person would act that way unless. . . the goal was not curing
COVID, but instead global population reduction by a group of self-anointed
"save the planet" maniacs.

Folks need to start asking: Is it the vaccine that's killing all these

And they better start asking very quickly.
The chart at source shows the dates, and later, what happened in India,
after mass-vaccination with the EXPERIMENTAL GENE THEREAPY "VACCINE:"
2021-05-04 04:23:28 UTC
India is fucked. Covid and Darwin found a way
around their defences. The weird socioeconomic
system guarentees its success.

But I figure they think that you can always breed
new underclass ....