Banks Are Feeling It Coming :-)
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Jan Panteltje
2021-08-23 17:02:08 UTC
On a sunny day (Mon, 23 Aug 2021 18:46:19 +0200) it happened Mostowski
Thx, cool viewpoints.
Afghanestan has flipped outside AUDS!
Is that the real loss or not? :-) Heheh :)
Afghans haven’t lost one day to join Silk Road nations. Iran has begun
exporting fuel to them and both China and Russia are strengthening
economic ties with Afghans. All the tariffs imposed on Iranian-Afghan
borders are lifted, so much more than just fuel is now being traded.
Even food trade has suddenly gone back to normal, crappy unhealthy food
canned and packed in USA going into Afghanestan have disappeared;
instead, healthy farm products, literally all organic, has filled the
markets with much lower prices and yet bringing a lot of wealth to
Afghan farmers after hands of the Capones in American food industry has
been cut.
There is not a damn thing financial crooks in AUDS, especially in USA,
can do about it perhaps other than making such natural changes to come
even faster.
One can wonder why the US left all those high end weapons there.
Well, already there is a civil war fighting Taliban.
So as the biggest weapon exporter in the world US can now sell to the ones
fighting Taliban.
And sell spare parts and ammo to the Taliban??
At the same time get the taxpayer to pay for new stuff to replace what hey left behind,
Jim Pennino
2021-08-23 17:39:56 UTC
In sci.physics Jan Panteltje <***@yahoo.com> wrote:

Post by Jan Panteltje
One can wonder why the US left all those high end weapons there.
Because to do anything else would have required prior planning and there
was quite obviously none of that done by anybody in charge.